Orxan.  Tonight confessed with passion that J is G's Son, J is L0rd, J is G0d, J is his S@vior.  and then minutes later, he was sharing the same thing, with the same passion, with Aslan one of the 3 guys i'd told you about before.  We had an amazing evening of opening G's Word and Aslan heard a whole lot more truth, this time from the mouths of his Azeri brothers.  Heaven rejoices.  G is good.  So many times tonight Orxan would exclaim that G or the H0ly Sp1r1t just opened his eyes to something and he finally understood.  

thought you'd like to know. ;)


p.s. G's been doin a lot these last few weeks and S*tan's been working overtime to knock me out of action. been sick for almost 4 weeks now.  but, EVERY TIME, when i need it, He lights the fire and gives me just enough strength for the encounter.