In Acts 1:8, Jesus commands his disciples to spread the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. The current reality, however, is that very few resources are dedicated to reaching the nearly 3 billion people who live in hard-to-reach regions in the world where missionary work is restricted or prohibited. In fact, only $0.05 of every $100 given to world missions is allocated for work in these restricted-access countries.

That's right, $0.05 cents of every $100 is allocated to reach 95% of the remaining unreached people groups, and $99.95 is spent on work in "open" areas and places where the Church is already well established. That doesn't make sense, does it? Isn’t it time to rethink where we invest our resources? You can help by giving directly to organizations, like Uttermost Sports, that work exclusively in these areas of the world. 

Distribution of Missions Funding

Uttermost Sports is specifically designed and uniquely equipped to place Christ’s witnesses among the unreached and make the most of every dollar we receive. It is not easy or inexpensive to operate in these areas, but we must do what it takes to continue doing so. Please consider giving generously to Uttermost Sports today.

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Uttermost Sports has an important group of trusted supporters and friends -- The 300 -- whose contributions help make possible the Great Commission work set forth in Matthew 28! Our goal is to have 300 members committed to the mission, vision, and calling of Uttermost Sports. These 300 contribute financially, pray faithfully, and advocate for our ministry.


Members are required to consistently donate to Uttermost Sports at a rate of at least $85 per month (approximately $1,000/year). Members are also expected to consistently pray for our projects and workers around the world. And lastly, we ask our members advocate for Uttermost Sports and tell others about the need around the world for Christ and how we seek to fill the need.  Once you join The 300, you'll have exclusive access to additional articles and information about the work of Uttermost Sports around the world, and you may have an opportunity to go on a trip with us and see the fruits of our ministry in person.