hey all, just got back from a training and hit the ground running with back to back weddings and a really important team meeting as we look to the next year and some change of foci.  i could use your pr on a few things:

- with the conference and traveling i let my dedicated times with Abba fall to the wayside and i'm suffering sp1r1tually for it.  wrestling with some personal stuff.

- we're back at the rent contract problem again!  our building has transferred ownership and now we have no contract.  i'm meeting with one of their representatives tomorrow and could use some favor

- still working to get the wrestling club off the ground but hiccups keep slowing things down.  please be prying for me to be able to get it kicked off starting sept and wisdom for what to do/how much time to give to the climbing side of things.

- for our team as we move forward, that we would individually and corporately be able to discern in what ways to focus our efforts and best position ourselves to be used by the Father over the next year.

love you guys.  thank you,